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Thailand Photos

When I went to Thailand in 1989, I had the vague idea that I wanted to write about refugees. Owing primarily to this single-minded stupidity (and owing partly to the fact that my camera broke), I didn't take very many photos. And of the ones I did take, most could charitably be described as mediocre.

The photos below don't really present a portrait of Thailand; instead, they present a portrait of mediocrity, indifference, and a grand failure to sieze a marvelous opportunity.

You can click on the photos below to view the images in sets, or you can click here to view thumbnail previews of all images. If you'd like to download higher-resolution copies of any of these photos, you can do so from the photo download page.

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Photos from Ayutthaya, Bang Pa-in, and Aranyaprathet, taken in August 1989.
More 1989 photos, primarily from Wat Pra Keo and Wat Arun.
Photos from Bangkok and the surrounding area, 1989.
Still more pics from Bangkok.


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