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Emmanuelle Nhean

"Life is an Art which invites you to discover a Style, A Culture, A People"
-- Emmanuel Nhean

Dancer The artwork of Emmanuelle Nhean, like that of Monirith Chhea, reflects both Western and Khmer influences. She writes:

I was born in Kampong Cham, in Cambodia, in 1952. I was in my fifth year of medical studies in Phnom Penh, when, in April 1975, the Khmer Rouge took power. My studies were interrupted, I was deported to refugee camps for 4 years and 6 months. I came to France, where I found a haven. At a crossroads so rich in culture and art, I finally decided to study nursing to make a living, in order to dedicate the majority of my time to my live-long passion: Painting.

Since 1998, I have dedicated myself to the research or Khmer Art and its contemporary expression. As such a painter, I follow three movements: Abstracts, Figurative, and Khmer Art.

Click here to view some samples of Ms. Nhean's work.

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Emmanuelle Nhean: Solo Exhibitions

1991-93-96: Bagnolet, France
1992: Theatre Paul Eluard
1993: Production of Stained Glass windows for the Chapel in Charentes, France
1994: Production of an 8 square millimeter Tapestry for the MAIF in Vienna, Austria
1995: Production of a book cover "Le Serpent a Plumes"; Numerous individual sales outside of exhbitions

Collective Exhibitions

Toffoletti Cultural Center
"La Tour aux Fraises"; "Art au feminin"

Salon "Les Realites Nouvelles"

Galerie Castille, Paris
20 Artists for the Abbe Pierre

2nd Prize Award from the Art Association of the Harrisburg Museum of Fine Art,
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA

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