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Current News Headlines: Cambodia
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Recent news stories from Southeast Asia are available by clicking on the headlines in the table at right. These articles will open in a new browser window.

An excellent way to keep up with current news concerning Cambodia is through the Camnews mailing list. Messages from Camnews can be viewed online at

Similarly, there is also a Cambodia News mailing list from Yahoo Groups. Messages from this list are available on the web at The main page for this group, at, gives instuctions on viewing and joining the list.

There are several web sites which continually feature current news stories about Cambodia and the Cambodian people. Among the best:

The Phnom Penh Post Online

The Bangkok Post

The Bangkok Nation

Norbert Klein: Cambodia Mirror

For in-depth reporting on general news topics, an excellent source is the Christian Science Monitor.

News Archives

From 1993 to 1996, a Houston-based publication called Cambodian Life published brief summaries of major news stories relating to Cambodia. Several of these summaries are available below.

1996 News Summaries

5/15/96 to 5/22/96

5/8/96 to 5/14/96

4/29/96 to 5/7/96

4/22/96 to 4/28/96

4/15/96 to 4/21/96

4/8/96 to 4/14/96

4/1/96 to 4/7/96

1/1/96 to 3/31/96 (Not currently available.)

1995 News Summaries

10/1/95 to 12/31/95 (Not currently available.)

8/1/95 to 9/30/95

3/1/95 to 7/31/95

1/1/95 to 2/28/95

1993 - 1994 News Summaries

11/1/94 to 12/31/94

9/1/94 to 10/31/94 (Not currently available.)

6/24/94 to 8/31/94

5/1/94 to 6/24/94 (Not currently available.)

2/1/94 to 5/31/94 (Not currently available.)

12/1/93 to 2/28/94 (Not currently available.)

6/15/93 to 11/30/93 (Not currently available.)

5/28/93 to 6/14/93

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