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Bruce Sharp

Bruce Sharp, Self-portrait, Chicago, 2011 - Click for another photo The founder of the Mekong Network, Bruce Sharp lives in a very old house in Chicago, with three cats, two children, and one wife. He maintains the Mekong Network websites in his spare time.

His photographs have appeared in several magazines and newspapers, including the Washington Post, the Chicago Sun-Times, and the Chicago Reader. His photos from Cambodia appear in David Chandler's biography of Pol Pot, Brother Number One, and on the cover of Richard Lunn's book, Leaving Year Zero. His still photos have also appeared in a handful of television documentaries. As a writer, his publication credits include the Christian Science Monitor, the Providence Journal-Bulletin, and a number of other newspapers and magazines.

He has been involved with Cambodian issues since 1987, when he began tutoring refugees for the Cambodian Association of Illinois, and for the Southeast Asia Center.

He is currently working on several short stories and longer works of fiction, which he expects to languish indefinitely on the hard drive of his computer. A former movie theatre janitor, he enjoys old movie theatres and off-the-wall films, and researching bossypants phenomena.

He can be contacted by email at:


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