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Khmer Art

In the aftermath of the devastating reign of the Khmer Rouge, many observers feared that Khmer art would be all but lost. In recent years, however, the tireless efforts of Cambodian artists both in Cambodia and abroad have brought about a resurgence of both classical and contemporary Khmer art.

Dancing and Music

On this site, there are several photos of both Khmer classical dance and Khmer folk dance in the photo gallery.

Elsewhere on the web, there are several sites devoted to Cambodian music and dance. For Khmer music, Angkor Khmer Music has many MP3 files of popular and classical Cambodian music.

The Cambodian Court Dance Music Page is also of interest.

For information on Khmer dance, the Cambodian Classical Dance Page is a good source of generalinformation.

Painting and Sculpture

Many impressive works of Khmer art can be seen in Phnom Penh's National Museum of Cambodia.

In the Oral History section of this site, you'll also find a short biography of artist Narath Tan, whose work reflects the classical styles and methods of traditional Cambodian art.

The work of artist Svay Pithoubandith, living in Siem Reap, Cambodia, similarly exemplifies the exacting detail of classical Khmer sculpture.

Cambodian artists who have lived abroad often absorb both Asian and Western influences. The result of this synthesis can be seen in the work of Monirith Chhea and Emmanuel Nhean.

To view slideshows of each artist's work, click the links below.

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