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Beauty and Darkness: Cambodia in Modern History

The Beauty and Darkness project provides information on the recent history of Cambodia, particulary the Khmer Rouge period. This includes materials pertaining to Cambodia, as well as information about Cambodian refugees and immigrants abroad. Articles are categorized within the menus at the top of each page. The following links might be useful starting points:

The Banyan Tree
A five-part article detailing Cambodia's recent history.

Oral Histories
A set of oral histories and biographical articles about Cambodians.

Several sets of photographs, including more than 1300 pictures from Cambodia, and from Khmer communities abroad. The photos span more than 40 years of Cambodian history.

Facts and Figures
Maps and basic statistical information.

Trip journals, travelogues, and general information about touring Cambodia.

General Articles
Links to many articles on various aspects of Cambodian history and culture.

Specific information can be located by using the site search page, and the most recent additions are listed on the What's New page. This site is primarily concerned with historical and cultural information. For news on current events in Cambodia, the Yahoo World News: Cambodia site and the Phnom Penh Post Online are excellent resources. For information on the Cambodia War Crimes Tribunal, see the Cambodia Tribunal Monitor.

Alternate spellings and terms: khmer, khymer, kampuchea, cambodja, kambuja, cmabodia, camboida, cambodai, camboda, cambdoia, asie, historie, hsitory, indo-china, indochine, south east, southeast asia, ruoge, ruge, rogue.

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